The Best Boba Tea!

Chicago, IL | Joy Yee’s

Traveling all across the states creates an appetite for drinking. In this particular case, I am not talking about alcoholic beverages. I am speaking about boba tea! For those who has never taken a sip of boba tea, it is consisted of a fruit blended smoothie with boiled tapioca pearls normally consumed through a nickel sized straw. I make it an effort to drink boba tea in every city I visit and this is the place I find note worthy.


You cannot go wrong when ordering the Banana Coconut Green Tapioca Freeze.

I drank many boba tea drinks from all over! From powdered flavors to highly concentrated fructose corn syrup. However, Joy Yee’s is different. When you walk in, there will be a group of workers cutting fruit from a mountain of fresh fruit. A mountain of fresh fruit like you’ve never seen before. The menu’s are massive and they even serve food there too. I’m not here to talk about the food, didn’t have room for it. Let me introduce to you the flavors you need to know. The Banana Coconut Green Tapioca Freeze and Mango Coconut Green Tapioca Freeze. My problem when I consume boba drinks, is that I drink it too fast if it is not frozen. The brain freeze woes are the only thing preventing me from finishing my drink before I walk out of the door.

Let me tell you about the two flavors above. We’ll call it the BCG & MCG. If you are a fan of any of these flavors, you will surely enjoy these drinks. Within 2 hours, I ordered 2 drinks back to back (ordered the BCG twice!) and finished it before I arrived to my friends house. The flavors are not too sweet but extremely savory. You won’t feel like a diabetic after drinking one. When you take one sip, you continue to sip and sip some more! This is the kind of smoothie you drink when walking through a snow blizzard.

“Yes, may I order another one before you close?”

In order to not miss it so much when I go home, I tried to drink it to a point where I would get sick and tired of it (it didn’t work). When you arrive to Chicago, drink one up for me. You will not regret your decision and if you do I’ll buy it from you and drink it myself. =)

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