“The Best Dreams Happen When You’re Awake”

Hello! My name is Dat – just like “Who Dat?”. I’m a travel blogger, life coach, motivational speaker, media specialist, and a student of life.

Born and raised in the great city of New Orleans, LA., I graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Communications and Film degree. My passion involves producing films that demonstrate the creative mind with meaningful lessons.

I have been a leadership development and team building coach for many leaders across North America. My travels have allowed me to display many exercises for the mind and body. My extended involvement with leaders and professionals has increased my passion in personal development and life coaching. I enjoy sharing my experiences in front of large audiences!

Throughout my life, I have learned many lessons from people who I have met on the road and in the air. I’ve also experienced many tough times in my family and personal obstacles. However, those times have built a strong foundation for a “bigger heart” in my home.

Today, I set my life out to help others and to teach them about the endless possibilities within life. The only limitations are the ones you set in your mind.

Through discussions and personal experiences, I help to break down negative habits and focus on positive habits to fulfill your goals. Because of these motivations, I founded Nolalight, a website that gathers stories of motivation, videos, and blogs on personal development, and travel collections around the world. I plan on using Nolalight for the rest of my life in order to guide others in a “positive light”. Join me on my journey and let’s become better – together.

Dat Nguyen is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn