Q?What is the meaning behind Nolalight?

Nolalight derives from a multiple of meanings. “Nola” stands for New Orleans, LA. This city represents many experiences of resilience and adversity in the past 10 years. I take great pride in the history built with this city. It has made the people of this city stronger and better.

The symbolism behind “light” is similar to a lighthouse guiding ships to the shore in the dark. The “light” of Nolalight represents a guiding direction for people going through the toughest times. Helping individuals find their brightest light to shine in this world. This world is meant for everyone to live a brighter life. The best way of living in the light is by spreading the light.

Q?How did you get to where you are today?

I’ve always felt that my life is an on going journey. We are constantly learning lessons and growing every day. Our growth never stops.

My experience of working at my family’s convenience store since I was 8 years old has developed my communication and personal relationship skills. We had to keep the customers coming back. “It’s good for business.” My college career presented me with many opportunities. I’ve been involved in student leadership development and team building workshop facilitation. During this time, my network grew stronger and I’ve attended lunch meetings with great people from all over. I became more confident in the direction of my life. Raised by my mom, I followed her example and gained the passion to help people. I feel more fulfilled when I am able to help others achieve their goal. Growth is going happen and helping others is part of it.