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Travel Light.
Spread the Light.
Be the Light.

My name is Dat Nguyen, and I am an experienced leadership trainer, adventurer, and life coach. I took my first steps of spreading the light by developing leaders all over North America.

My passion began with helping others gain confidence in themselves and to live more positively. If there is a fire or a light within you to pursue your passion career, I want to be there to brighten that light. A normal job was never the place for me. As my friend always expressed to me, I’ve always been “in the business of helping others.”

The stories and cultures you gain while travelling is a way to explore yourself and your creativity. Nolalight is the place to see great videos and photos of these adventures from those who aspire to, or have successfully overcome their barriers. Live in a life of fulfillment, passion, and love.

I help professionals who are overworked and undervalued to improve their confidence and communication skills, so they can finally get rewarded for what they deserve.

What is Nolalight? Nolalight was created as a hub to post experiences and stories of leaders all over the world. Nolalight is a symbol to be the “guiding light” for others similar to a lighthouse to guide ships at night. There’s a unique persistence and connection waiting to be made within all of us. Let’s root for each other to win, win, and win!

I’ve always wanted to help other people and I have learned many different stories and lessons in life. Sharing them fulfills my passion to give guidance and put points in the win column. Laughing, creating adventures, and taking action are my guiding principles for living.



  • Director of Gulf Coast: Regional Camp Retreat
  • Winner of Google
    (My Business Story – Video Contest)
  • Trainer
    (Annual Leadership Conference – Denver, CO)


  • Trainer (University of Cincinnati)
  • Trainer (Annual Leadership Conference – Minneapolis, MN)


  • Trainer/Master of Ceremony
    (Annual Leadership Conference – Anaheim, CA)
  • Trainer(University of Texas Dallas)
  • Trainer(Mississippi State University)
  • Travel Expeditions Across North America. Singapore & Jakarta, Indonesia.


  • Keynote Presenter
    (University of California Merced)
  • Completed Marathon Relay
    (Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon)
  • Trainer (University of Texas Dallas)
  • Trainer
    (Annual Leadership Conference – Dallas, TX)
  • Trainer (University of Colorado Boulder)


  • Tech Teacher
    (Funutation Tech Camps, Cleveland, OH & Washington D.C.)
  • Trainer
    (Annual Leadership Conference – Seattle, WA)


  • 1st Place Chess Champions (Grade K-6th of Celerity Charter)
  • Trainer
    (Annual Leadership Conference – Boston, MA)
  • Trainer at NOELA Community Health Clinic

The “Light” of Nolalight

Travel Light

The destinations and food are a way of freeing your mind and relieving your anxiety from the every day obligations. Leave your work at home and put on your slippers. At Nolalight, we will travel to many parts of the world to share the stories of locals and food.

Spread the Light

Motivation and inspiration can come from many sources. I enjoy being a motivational speaker and sharing my experience. Nolalight spreads the every day inspiration move your heart.

Be the Light

Spreading a healthy way of thinking and optimism can be a challenging task. Working one on one or in small groups of motivated leaders allows me the opportunity to coach. Here we learn the ways to “be the light” to brighten the lives others.

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